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Outmar lighting helps Chifeng TV station!

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Taiwan was established on July 1, 1970, and Chifeng television station was officially established in 1984 with the approval of inner Mongolia radio and television bureau. Chifeng television station is equipped with an editor-in-chief office, a news department, a Mongolian editing department, a special subject department, a Ministry of culture and sports, a communication department, a broadcasting department, an advertising department, a technical department, a broadcasting department, an office, a 801 broadcasting station, 13 departments and offices of the bell tower transmitting station, and 12 column groups. There are 135 regular employees. Three sets of programs were launched on the whole station. The three sets of programs have a cumulative broadcasting time of 48 hours per day. by November 2002, with the two-way opening of radio and television transmission cables, the programs have covered the locations of 12 counties and districts in the city and some villages and towns of sappan.